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This is one of the hottest exhibitionist videos I seen in a while. This horny housewife really knows how to have fun, an artist in self pleasure. The video starts when she’s in her home. Wearing a short dress she bends overĀ  – no knickers of course – and shows off her wonderful ass and pussy. She lubes up her backside and pushes in the buttplug, her asshole eats it up, lovely.

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I always like to try to bring out the amateur exhibitionist in everyone that I meet. Not only does it usually get me the action that I want, I’d also like to think that I’m not the only one that likes to express himself while others are watching.

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I get that not everyone is going to be as forward as I am for example. I’ve just always thought what’s the point in holding back, just tell it like it is and of course if you can get something that you want, just go for it! Life is much more enjoyable when you realize that if you try hard enough just about anything can be yours to enjoy.

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Hot MILF Chrissy butt naked on the beach, well, apart from her sandals that is. Sin soaked naked body with gorgeous titties and fully shaved pussy. I know from her videos that the Sun makes Chrissy very fucking horny so no doubt after this she went a picked up a fw lads to take back to the villa for some fun.

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