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Since Holly is saving up to buy her own ride someday this arrangement in adult work appealed to her. She happily goes to Justin and Willy’s flat (no questions asked) and did just as she was told. One thing I truly love about an easy slut is her willingness to be an obedient slag and do as is asked of her. Holly does pretend to resist but that’s just all an act as she loves to play with her slutty twat for a roomful of strangers. Holly does a sultry strip tease and shows off that tempting little chav pussy of hers and all I can think of how tantalizing that muff tastes. She fingers her hole with two fingers and raises her bum so that the Chavley boys could get a good close up shot of her delectable slag cunt. Before long Holly is having an intense orgasm that lasted quite a while and she howled loudly with pleasure heaving breathlessly in the end. She is also a good clean up slut as she licked her fingers and dildo clean. She’s my new favourite chav girl!

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Not too many chav sluts make their way to a higher education so when Isabel Dean goes off to university she finds that she could use some money to maintain her lifestyle. When she comes back home to visit her family she sneaks off to see the Chavley Court boys and see if she can make some extra money on the side to take back with her. Of course Willy and Justin can always welcome Isabel back into their chav girl family so they get her to do some hot solo masturbation scenes to do. Isabel feels right at home back in their flat and she used the dildo they’ve given her. Sure it’s been used before but this is a dirty chav slut here so that’s not an issue! Isabel sniffs the used dildo and the scent of pussy makes her very horny so she takes all her clothes off and begins getting her trimmed pussy off.

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Throw a few quid at some chav slut and see how nasty they get. It’s been a rather easy journey for us ever since we decided to get into the adult business and the chav whores that have made their way to our little flat has been staggering. I’ve been trying to keep a journal of all the lovely chav girls that we have invited to our studios and Isabel Dean is one of those typical chav chicks that has no shame and made it easy and effortless for us. Not only was she hot as fuck but she also loved to show off her goodies. As an exhibitionist slut in general, Isabel loved getting attention and could care less if that attention was positive or negative as long as she could get her jollies off knowing that someone can readily see her yummiest bits. This is Isabel’s first solo masturbation show that she’s ever done and just notice how nonchalant she is about the whole idea of getting off.

She loves sex so being naked around others comes naturally to her since she’s been whoring around since puberty hit her. Isabel is twenty-something now and still has a lust that is part of her daily life and loves to share it with anyone willing to take a look or better yet, participate. Isabel is asked to play with her pussy and she agrees straight away and gets naked in no time flat. She uses a very powerful vibrator that looks a lot like a microphone and she rubs her glistening cunt and even fingers her ass. Isabel then gets on her back and throws her legs behind her ears and gives the Chavley Court guys something to really look at as she has a mind-numbingly hot orgasm that leaves her breathless with a dripping wet chav cunt.

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This chav slut is Kaz B and Justin can be thanked for locating this luscious piece of slapper ass. Kaz loves to fuck so it was not hard for Justin to lure the slag to his flat where he offered to pay her 70 quid to watch her play with her twat solo style. At first Kaz B said no way but after a bit of coaxing she got into Justin’s car and went straight to his flat. Justin was thrilled to have a blonde whore with big boobs since he is after all a big tit man. The bigger the tits the better is his motto and if said boobies are all natural then the better. Justin is a purist when it comes to jomblies and Kaz B was his slut of the day. Justin’s cock grew hard once they got to his place and couldn’t wait to see the goodies that Kaz had underneath those clothes.

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What can I say other than WOW with this hot scene. Holly Kiss is one shameless piece of chav ass in this solo masturbation scene only there’s a bit of a twist. Holly likes to play with her shaved pussy outdoors and even encourages strangers to feel up her succulent twat. Holly is a sex-addicted slag that likes to leave the house without wearing any knickers underneath her ultra short mini-skirt. This is just the type of slag that the guys at Chavley Court seek so when she went to them looking to see if she could join their crew she was approved instantly. She even sweetened the deal for the Willy and Justin and thanked them with a double blowjob. In the meantime, you can see Holly get down and dirty outdoors as she hikes up that denim skirt and rubs one out for the entire world to see.

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I just love how the slappers at Chavley Court just keep getting better and fucking better! They’ve done it again and this time they’ve snagged a hot blonde with big tits. Hot damn! I love a sexy blonde with big knockers and Kaz B is one delicious chav slut that has the looks that is tight up my alley. Not only is she deliciously sexy looking but she also has that look like she just cannot get enough cock. Justin films the naughty bird and ends up having a fine time of it since this bitch is just his type. Kaz B notices Justin’s hard cock and this makes her cunt even wetter. She offers him some of her slapper pussy but he refuses. Well for now at least.

The business at hand is to capture some fresh chav pussy for all the fans out there wanting to take a peek at her shaved cunt. Kaz B has a gorgeous twat and I could definitely park my face there for a spell and lick every bit of pussy juice this slut has stored up. Thos big boobs are just my type as well and the best part is that they’re all-natural. No fake silicone titties on this dirty bird and her nipples are the perfect shade of pink and I’d give anything to give them a good nibble. Kaz B has her big dildo and watching it part her lovely meat curtains is hot as fuck and her moans are sexy on top of it making her one of the steamiest slappers I’ve seen in a long time especially when she screams in ecstasy! If you like your slags to be beautifully busty and blonde then this chav girl is the babe for you!

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Masie has proposed a new take on chav porn to her lover and producer Justin. Masie wants to show other chav sluts how to properly suck a cock in a sort of “how to” video. Since Masie knows that her rival Tanya is the site’s biggest attraction she wants to separate herself from her and make herself the blowjob chav slapper of Chavley Court. Something tells me she’ll achieve this with no problem at all since she loves giving sloppy blowjobs and she’s also pretty damn talented in the art of cocksucking. Woody is the lucky bastard that gets to sit back and enjoy a good blowjob and since he’s got a good sized cock this makes for a more interesting blowjob XXX scene altogether. Woody always arrives on time to the set and who could blame him? If I were the lucky git to get my knob sucked off then I’d be there on time if not earlier!

Just the thought of Masie’s lovely mouth slurping and licking some man meat is enough to get my dick hard as a rock and this slapper is one of my personal favourites. Her genuine enthusiasm and playfulness on the set at Chavley Court is something that should inspire other wannabe chav sluts. So if you’re hoping to get hired sit back and learn! For those that want to get off then make sure you have something handy for clean up later since Masie is a sure thing when it comes to blowjobs. Masie is a slapper in heat and dives face first onto Woody’s hard cock gobbling up his boner like a starved sex slut. She spits on his meat and gags then takes her top off showing him her juicy tits as she keeps a mouthful of his tool deep down her slutty throat. The cum shot leaves her face covered in Woody’s goo and makes for a good look for this sexy slapper.

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It’s chav fucking galore in this Chavley Court scene today and Woody is getting lucky once again. This lucky git is probably getting the most pussy he’s ever had in his lifetime and that’s a good thing since he’s able to last for a good while making these chav sluts howl with delight long enough to make a hot lust filled XXX scene. Woody and Justin have the ultra slaggy whore in heat Maisie at their Chavley Court headquarters and they’re ready to make a hot scene. Woody can’t wait to make Maisie’s acquaintance since he’s heard and seen so much of her on the site. When the pair meet it’s clear they share a certain level of chemistry together and get right to the business of fucking straight away. Maisie shows off those yummy cocksucking skills she’s got and gives Woody a slurping blowjob that is so sexy the sounds alone of her gagging and slurping his wide cock might just make you cum.

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Nasty chav slut Tanya Cox is at it again and this time she’s fucking her favourite bloke Woody. However, before fucking him she loves to tease the shit out of him making sure there’s a rock solid cock waiting to stuff up her wet crack. Tanya uses that dirty mouth of hers to do some sex talk before getting to it and that foul mouth of hers is something that Willy and Justin love about the brunette slut. Tanya has no shame whatsoever and that’s yet another fine quality that they seek in finding the perfect chav slut. If future chav bitches are watching this then make sure you’re taking notes since Tanya Cox is building a reputation for being queen of the chav girls here at Chavley Court. Her blowjob skills are unparalleled as well as she gets really into it and lets her spit run down her chin as she gobble up hard dicks.

Tanya is impressed by the size of Woody’s cock and her eyes become the size of saucers as she pulls out his thick boner. Tanya opens wide and gags as she deep throats his cock and licks his balls. She throws in just the right amount of begging into the mix asking him for more, which makes Woody nearly blow his load. Tanya senses this and holds back some keeping Woody in the game like a real chav porn star champ. Tanya then gets up and climbs atop Woody and rides him cowgirl style making those huge tits of hers jiggle and sway about as Woody slapped them this way and that. Before long, Tanya is cumming and simultaneously licking her nipples as Woody fills up her chav cunt creampie style. What a nasty little fucking bird!

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One of Willy’s friends is a chap by the name of Woody. He’s well aware of the business Justin and Willy have going on and makes himself conveniently present whenever he gets word that Tanya Cox will be filming a scene. Woody was about to leave to head into work when Tanya shows up. Woody disappears into the bedroom to call his boss and tell him he’s running late due to traffic. What a lying sack of shit this cheeky bastard is! He knew somehow that he’d be getting some and prepared for some chav pussy. Oh well, who could blame him? Willy and Justin were all too happy to capture the Tanya and Woody encounter and to see the look of lust on Woody’s face as Tanya walks into the room is priceless. Tanya is a fiery chav slut and loves taking control of any situation including ones of the squelchy variety.

She does a naughty strip tease for Woody shoving her big tits in his face and rubbing her cunt on his trousers. Woody at this point has a huge hardon and can’t wait to bury his meat deep in Tanya’s slick snatch but she’s got other ideas. She loves the feeling of a good pussy licking so she sits on Woody’s face and wiggles making sure he gets every bit of twat flavor on his face. Tanya later hops off then licks her sweet pussy juices off of his face making Woody’s dick throb even more for her chav cunt. The nasty slag then bends over and begs Woody to pound her from behind, which he does making this lust-filled slag scream like the nasty slut she is. Tanya is the perfect chav slut and is Chavley Court’s mascot slag of the year!